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How to Make your Website Load Faster


Optimizing your website in SEO is a crucial step for Bloggers. But SEO independently does not provide the best result, there is even more stuff to take into consideration in optimizing a website and one of them is Fast Loading.


As a blogger, everyone has realized the importance of the speed of the website.


Slow website = Low Conversion


The above equation is an example to make you understand the importance of a speedy website that provides the best user experience


To make your website faster you have to first analyze the Top 10 WordPress Theme and Best Essential Plugins to make your website faster. 


Do you know? Theme and Plugins have so much impact on a website that can make any business successful.


To make your website faster you have to follow some of the methods that will surely optimize your site and increase your chances of ranking and conversion.


Choosing a Hosting


Hosting plays an important role to make a website faster. Sometimes a cheap hosting plan doesn't provide you with your desired experience. Hosting like Hostinger, A2, Site Ground, etc are best for new bloggers. You can choose any of them according to your budget. Hosting has a major affect on your website because the cheap the hosting the bad its service will. So, select the best hosting plan for your website. 


Choose the best theme


There are thousands of theme for Wordpress but among them you only have to select the best theme for your site to make it engaging. Choosing a suitable theme is the first and foremost step that every blogger has to go through after selecting hosting plan. I'll recommend you to go with premium themes because it has a minimalist coding that will provide the best user experience.


Choose Essential Plugins.


After deciding the theme choose plugins wisely and only necessary. Essential plugins might be different for different bloggers. Whether you have site of eCommerce, Reviews, blogging, etc plugins is important. Without plugins Wordpress has no use at all because plugins provide the function to perform tasks. Do not install unnecessary plugins to make your website loading slower.


Use Compressed Media


Media like images and videos are an important factor to keep a user engaged in your website. Using a compressed media will make your website loading faster and will decrease your bounce rate and ultimately increase your ranking in Search Engines like Google and Bing. You must use compressed media to make your website faster.


Lazy Load


The lazy load will make your website speed faster and decrease your HTTP request.


Lazy load means whenever visitors scroll your website the images will remain to unload until the visitors scroll down to see the media file.




The aforementioned steps will definitely increase your website speed and will increase your ranking. Optimizing your site with these steps make your website chances of ranking higher and faster. Do not make your website loaded with heavy elements otherwise, it will increase HTTP request and thus make your website slower.


For Further Info - https://techspit.com/

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